Note: The server has been taken offline, so this game isn't playable any longer. Sorry!

Thirteen Letters is a simple and unoriginal word game that was created for Spring Lisp Game Jam (2023).

The goal of the game is to rearrange thirteen letters to find the longest possible word. This version is multiplayer and browser-based, with each round lasting 60 seconds.

There is also a an offline, single-player command line version of the game available with the source code.

Development notes:

This game is 100% Common Lisp. The front end uses Parenscript, Spinneret, and cl-css to translate CL to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The back end is built using Hunchentoot/Hunchensocket, running on SBCL.

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TagsMultiplayer, Real-Time, Word game


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New record for concurrent users: 5.

Not sure where all those players came from or how they coordinated it :)

Nice work on the bot 🙂



By the way, I didn’t intentionally kick it off, there was a bug that paused the server for an while and I think that led to all clients timing out and getting disconnected. Oops!