Compete against other single-instruction computer programmers!

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SIC-1, the insanity-inducing browser-based game where you program a computer that only has a single instruction, now shows you how your results compare against others'. See how your solutions stack up to the community*!

Statistics are shown both on a per-puzzle basis (similar to TIS-100 or SpaceChem from Zachtronics), and on a per-user/ranking basis (when you reopen/reload the game).

For additional context, SIC-1 is a game where you're asked to implement programs using an extremely limited (and sometimes frustrating) assembly language. Normal assembly languages have support for arithmetic, branching, etc. using separate instructions, but the SIC-1 rolls everything into a single instruction, "subleq" -- subtract and then branch if the result is less than or equal to zero. In case you enjoy studying esoteric computer architectures, Wikipedia has an article on the general topic of "one instruction set computers". But why read, when you can play!

*I use the term "community" loosely -- there have only been a few players since these statistics were implemented, so don't expect to see a nice smooth distribution yet :)

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