You have been hired by SIC Systems to produce highly efficient programs for their flagship product: the Single Instruction Computer Mark 1 (SIC-1).

The SIC-1 represents a transformational change in computing, reducing complexity to the point that the processor only executes a single instruction: subtract and branch if less than or equal to zero ("subleq").

Enter the brave new world of single-instruction computing and discover new ways of implementing programs that would be trivial on a conventional computer. Don't adjust the technology to match how you think, adjust your thinking to match how the SIC-1 operates!

Development log


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Hey, do you think you could somehow implement TOGA (TOGgle bit And jump if true) logic for a series of side puzzles, along with support for macros?


If there's interest in a sequel! :)

There is, at least from me!

This is one of the best programming games I have ever played! The rating system kinda reminds me of Zachtronics games :D


Thanks! Glad you liked it. It's encouraging to hear that at least one other person finds single-instruction programming to be an enjoyable challenge.

And yes, the ranking system is inspired by various games from Zachtronics (including my personal favorite: TIS-100).


Kudos to whoever it was that recently completed the "Reverse Sequence" puzzle -- I haven't even done that one yet!