And the winner is...

Roughly 6 months and hundreds of new players later, two SIC-1 employees are close to winning it all!

Looking at the in-game leaderboard (Menu -> View Leaderboard), there are now two players who are just one (rather difficult) puzzle away from being crowned the first SIC-1 champion ever:

  • Phunkwad has solved 29 out of 30 puzzles
  • Cujo has also solved 29 out of 30 puzzles

Who will be first to take the prize*?

* There's no prize other than bragging rights


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Not sure why it's showing 29 completed. Have completed all 30, including Self-Hosting.

PS Very fun puzzles.

Thanks for the heads-up! It's possible there's a bug lurking in my code, but the server doesn't appear to have a solution from you for the "Reverse Sequence" puzzle.

Any chance you could double-check and see if you have a solution for that one? If so, could you run it again in the game and see if that updates your count to 30? If it doesn't, could you email your solution to so I can take a peek?

Side note: even if your solution hit an error in my code on the server, it should have been tracked, so this could be unexpected. A network error is one possibility.

Rerunning that test popped it to 30. It was reported as passing on my side (or else how could I have advanced beyond the sequences?) so this is a nice surprise.

Nice! Enjoy bragging about being the first person to ever beat SIC-1.

Guess I'd better get started on the sequel ;)

For the record: I'm not sure what went wrong originally (best guess is a network error, although the free service I use on the back end doesn't have logs far enough back for me to say for sure).